Kendal is a beautiful town in the Lake District, and each year it hosts a variety of events that celebrate the unique culture and history of the area. From outdoor festivals to agricultural shows, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a look at some of the events taking place in Kendal in 2023.

Kendal Walking Festival

The Kendal Walking Festival takes place from 5th to 9th May 2023 and is a great way to explore the outdoors. This festival features a variety of walks for all ages and abilities, as well as talks and activities to learn about the local area and its history. Whether youre looking for a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, theres something for everyone. The walks range from easy 5km routes to more difficult 25km hikes and are a great way to experience the beautiful countryside of Kendal and the Lake District.

Westmorland County Show

The Westmorland County Show is an annual agricultural show that takes place from 13th to 14th September 2023. This event showcases the best of farming and country life and is a great way to explore the local area. The show features livestock competitions, food and craft stalls, live music, and more. Whether youre a local or a visitor, the Westmorland County Show is a great way to experience the local culture and support the local businesses and farmers.

The same organisers also hold a summer event the Country Fest from 3rd 4th June 2023. This is a family focused event with kite displays, arena demonstrations, marquees, competitions, historic vehicles, Vintage emporium and plenty of delicious food & drink to enjoy whilst listening to one of the many amazing performers on the band stand.

Kendal Torchlight Festival

The Kendal Torchlight Festival takes place at the end of September. This vibrant event is famous in Kendal and the surrounding area. The festival features a variety of activities, including traditional music, dancing, storytelling, and food and drink stalls. The highlight of the event is the procession of torchbearers, who light up the night sky with their flaming torches. The festival is a great way to experience the unique culture of Kendal and have a fun night out.

Kendal Wool Gathering

The Kendal Wool Gathering is a celebration of traditional woolworking techniques, taking place from 28th to 29th October 2023. This festival features a variety of activities, from demonstrations to handson workshops. Attendees can learn about the history of woolworking, as well as the techniques used in creating garments and other products. There are also stalls selling local crafts and woolrelated products, making it a great way to pick up some unique souvenirs.

Kendal Mountain Festival

The Kendal Mountain Festival takes place from 16th 19th November 2023. This event is a great celebration of  stories of adventure from the great outdoors. There are a variety of activities, live music, talks and workshops. The festival features an international film competition, showcasing the best in adventure, climbing and exploration films. Whether youre an experienced adventurer or just looking to enjoy stories and films, the Kendal Mountain Festival is a great experience.

Kendal Whisky Festival

The Kendal Whisky Festival is a celebration of whisky, taking place in early December. This event features a variety of whisky tastings, as well as talks and workshops. Attendees can learn about the history and production of whisky, as well as sample a wide range of whiskies from all over the world. The festival also features food and drink stalls, making it a great way to discover new whiskies and find some unique souvenirs.

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Kendal Mountain Festival by Sian Herbert
Country Fest
Country Fest

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