This year, Kendal Town Council is proud to launch ‘Kendal in Bloom 2024’, a continuation of our celebrated efforts that have previously earned us Silver Gilt Awards in both Cumbria-in-Bloom and Britain-in-Bloom. With the theme of ‘Pride in Your Community’, we are challenging all residents, businesses, schools, and community groups to contribute to our town’s well-being through creative horticultural displays.

Why Participate?
Participating in Kendal in Bloom not only enhances the visual appeal of our town but also strengthens community ties and promotes environmental awareness. The 2023 Portfolio highlighted numerous projects that improved local areas through diverse floral and environmental initiatives. This year, we want to expand this impact with your help.
What Can You Do?

• Create a Display: Design a floral or green space that showcases your creativity. Use an array of plants, from flowers to vegetables, and experiment with different colors, smells, and textures.
• Take Photos: Capture your work in digital photos and submit them to us. These images will be featured on our social media platforms and website to inspire others.
• Meet and Greet: Look forward to visits from committee members, including the Mayor of Kendal, who are eager to see your displays and discuss your projects.

Categories for Entry:

• Schools: Engage students in creating school garden projects.
• Community Groups: Clubs and neighborhood groups can band together for larger displays.
• Businesses: Businesses are encouraged to place their displays prominently to enhance their premises.
• Residents: Individual residents can beautify their own spaces.

Celebrate Your Contribution:
All participants will receive a certificate of participation and an invitation to a celebratory tea with the Mayor in November 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your hard work and dedication to making Kendal a more beautiful place.

How to Get Involved:
Get started by planning your display now. We aim to see these creations by late spring and hope they will adorn our community throughout the summer. For more details on how to enter and the rules of participation, visit The Kendal Town Council website or simply email your contact details to by 31st May 2024.
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