Collin Croft is one of Kendal's famous 18th century yards.


Every visitor loves to wander through Kendal’s famous 18th century ‘yards’, which filled up with cottages, industry and workshops to support the growth of Kendal’s trades, the most important of which was the wool trade.  (link)

Simply explore off the high street to find your favourite yard, some numbered, some with well known names.

Collin Croft is the best preserved yard and has many interesting features. Look out for the covered steps from Collin Croft back to the high street and you will pass through the former sites of Collin Croft Brewery, a Malt Shovel Inn, an iron foundary, timber yard, brass foundary, printing works, stables and cottages!

Look out for the Kendal Civic Society plaques in each yard (and on other important sites around town) which tell you much more.

Smokehouse Yard is an attractive, historic Kendal yard for eating and drinking. Explore Kendal's famous 18th century yards on your next visit.


Collin Croft is one of Kendal's famous 18th century historic yards