River Kent

Essential Fishing Regulations

To ensure sustainable and responsible fishing practices, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Have an Environment Agency Rod Licence: This can be purchased online, at a post office, or at tourist information.
  2. Salmon & Seatrout Fishing. Must have the correct Environment Agency migratory trout license.
  3. Preferred Equipment: Barbless hooks are preferred to minimise injury to fish.
  4. Angling Practices: Adopt good angling practices, including fish care and catch and release.
  5. Seasonal Restrictions: Adhere to the closed fishing seasons for specific fish species (detailed below).
  6. Fishing Zones: Do not fish on private property or near “No Fishing” signs.
  7. Location Considerations: Avoid fishing in busy tourist locations.
  8. Environment: No littering.

Closed Fishing Season:

  • Brown Trout – Closed season Oct 1st – 14th Mar.
  • Salmon – Salmon closed season 1st Nov – 31st Jan. Migratory trout closed season 1st Oct – 31st March.