Pretty as a picture on the banks of the River Kent, Abbot Hall Park is a place for quiet reflection, family picnics and even, occasionally, quirky events.

Surrounding the fabulous Abbot Hall and Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Abbot Hall Park is the original gardens to this important historic building. But today, you’ll find a peaceful green space by the banks of the River Kent, with a playground, picturesque pathways and the centre of Kendal just a few steps away.

In the summer, Abbot Hall Park is often involved in festival goings on – from street performances to theatre or music in beautiful, unique surroundings.


Stroll a while on the banks of the River Kent, passing beautiful buildings and picturesque scenes.

The River Kent brings a special air of peace and tranquility for our town centre, and you can follow a decent path all the way from one end of the town to the other.  Look out for the information boards along the route to learn more about the wildlife you might spot in and around the river.



Relax on the banks of the River Kent, where it flows through our beautiful town centre.

Surrounded by elegant historic townhouses, Gooseholme is a peaceful park on the banks of the River Kent – just minutes from Kendal town centre. It’s the perfect place for a picnic, and in summer you’ll see us relaxing by the water’s edge.

Gooseholme is also home to Kendal’s putting green – which is open for fun and games in the summer months.

Why not pick up some local treats in town, and head over the bridge to Gooseholme for a picnic in one of Kendal’s most popular green spaces.


Tucked away in the heart of Kendal, this huge garden dates back to 1776.

Castle Howe

Castle Howe & BOWLING FELL

Lose yourself on Castle Howe, discover remnants of our forgotten first Castle, and why not squeeze in a quick game in the shadow of one of our unusual historical monuments.

Read more about Castle Howe’s history here.