Kendal Castle View

View over the town from Kendal Castle

Built around 1200, the stone castle was built to replace the wooden motte and bailey on the opposite side of the river at Castle Howe. This 13th century castle, built on a drumlin (a glacial hill), was the seat of power and administration for the barons of Kendal for over 200 years, most notably the Parr family.

Katherine Parr, the most famous family member and namesake for a local school, became Henry VIII sixth and surviving wife. A feisty and intelligent queen, we’re more than a little proud to say she came from Kendalian stock. But on the death of the last baron in 1571, William Parr, it gradually fell into a ruinous state, and today only parts of the castle wall and one tower remain.


Over three hundred years later, in 1897, celebrations for the diamond jubilee of another strong willed queen – Queen Victoria – involved the purchase of Castle Hill for ‘public enjoyment’, by the Kendal Corporation.

You can stroll around the ruins today and imagine what it must have been like all those years ago. Kendal Castle is also a fantastic spot for a picnic, and a great place to relax in fresh air as you enjoy the wonderful views over our town.

Audio Trail

Audio Trail The Castle Audio Trail aims to give visitors a better understanding of the castle, celebrating its former glory as a lavish manor house. You can listen to the full recording or download the trail in sections and listen whilst you stroll around the castle. Interpretation panels have been added to the castle grounds, to reveal visual clues about life at Kendal Castle.

Audio Trail Part One

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Audio Trail Part Two

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Audio Trail Part Three

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Full Audio Trail

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