Jacobs Join

JACOBS JOIN – Community feast and entertainment.

The popular Cumbrian dining experience, alongside the River Kent, with music, dancing and merriment on Friday 6 September.

Lakes Alive

Shimmer Tree by Dan Fox

An impressive six-metre-high tree-like sound and light sculpture controlled by the wind.

Lakes Alive

Colony by Alison Ballard and Mike Blow

A captivating work that transforms a familiar park into a sonar landscape through light and sound. These large, tactile, sonic sculptures allow you to experience the physicality of sound through hearing and touch.

Lakes Alive

We Are Stardust
Storyteller: Ian Douglas

Sit down, relax and listen to a story as big and limitless as the universe itself.

Lakes Alive

My Heart, My Heart: Live Poetry Jukebox by Adie Mueller and Trui Malten

Step into the Live Poetry Jukebox for an intimate and magical experience of poetry, art and performance.