Kendal People’s Cafe is a fantastic example of local businesses and volunteers working together to help and support the local community. The People’s Cafe has now been running every week for 12 months and it continues to grow bigger and busier.

Each week, a core group of volunteers collect surplus food around the town, some of which has reached its best before date, and use it to cook up tasty meals or divert to charities and individuals who are in need.

The People’s Cafe is looking for new volunteers to support exciting new developments. To volunteer contact via the group’s Facebook page.

If you can’t volunteer, please consider a donation to support the local community. The People’s Cafe are currently crowdfunding to create a ‘zero food waste app’ for Kendal. The aim of the app is to allow businesses in the town to link with those in need. The App is crucial to expansion as the project’s workload has become huge and businesses need guaranteed collection times and efficient, organised systems for passing on the food to make it simple and safe. To help, head to The People’s Cafe Crowdfunding Page.

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    1. Hi Stuart, I’ve spoken to the volunteers who run the cafe and they say the best way to get in touch is on 07812 780415 or if you have a Facebook account you can speak to them through their Facebook page – they answer very quickly. I’m afraid there isn’t a contact email address for the business at this time.

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