Kendal Unity Festival which forms part of the wider Cumbria Unity Festival celebrates the strengths and diversity of the people of Cumbria by building community cohesion advancing equality & social integration.

The annual Cumbria Unity Festival will take place between the 18th of June and the 16th of July 2022.

The theme this year will be “Healing Together” and everyone is invited!

The headline date for Kendal will be 18th June 2022, join us in our vibrant town centre as it comes to alive with exhibitions, interactive installationstaster training, actors, craft activities, Library Unity Corner and storytelling, health and wellbeing activities, music and film screenings!

The event will take place from 10am – 5pm and we hope you come and celebrate Unity with us!
More information can be found on the Cumbria Unity website
Kendal Unity Festival

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