Kendal BID is providing a family fun ‘Safari’, a story-trail, to help spread joy, support the NHS and give families a safe reason to return into Kendal.

Launching on 11 July 2020 families and households in Kendal and the surrounding area will be invited to search the streets for 10 cute and colourful MonsterHeroes. Using only smartphones, the Safari allows you to learn each of the MonsterHero’s name, story, and superpowers. Once all 10 MonsterHeroes are found, a free e-book, that tells the story of their first team-up, will be unlocked.  The Safari works by utilising contactless NFC technology and QR codes, without the need for players to download or sign up to anything, they simply need to tap or scan to play. The Safari demonstrates a fantastic opportunity to entertain and excite shoppers. It’s a clever and cost effective way to help Kendal BID to promote our businesses in a safe and enjoyable way. 

Over 100 BIDs and councils across the UK are taking part in the MonsterHero Safari project, which has been sponsored by Wild in Art, with the aim of raising over £100k for NHS Charities Together. In times of great stress, this project aims to provide the local community with a memorable experience that will bring a smile to the community of Kendal. The trail costs £2 to participate which goes towards covering the costs of the developers and participants are asked to make a small donation, if they wish, to NHS Charities.

“Kendal is a great town and businesses are working hard to ensure that it is safe for people to rediscover and enjoy our town going forward. Kendal BID is supporting this project as it supports the recovery of the local economy and with the bonus of supporting our NHS charities. We want people to have fun and rediscover our businesses,” said Brian Harrison, Chairperson of Kendal Business Improvement District.

Coordinating the national project is Martin Blackwell, former CEO of ATCM and the Charity Retail Association who said “When I heard about the concept it just resonated with me and I knew I had to support it. I loved the idea of heroes; the idea of a “safari on the high street”!  I just thought, if something fun like this can help make families feel good about going back out onto the high street and raise money for such a worthy cause then let’s go for it.”

Learn more about the story-trail and Kendal BID’s other fantastic trails >

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