This year, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, the Kendal Unity Festival which was due to take place on 20th June 2020 will be run online.

Head to their Facebook page for the full schedule, which they will publish in the coming weeks.

In the meantime they are encouraging Kendal residents to join in the festival fun by creating Unity Window Displays. The festival believes strongly that everyone’s voice has value. Looking to take the positives from the recent situation we’ve all found ourselves in, the festival organisers are asking us to share some of the feelings we’ve felt over the past few months.

Draw a picture, make a collage or a poster, write a poem or a few lines of text, create a sculpture or an installation expressing yourself in whatever way you prefer and share some or all of your responses to these questions:

1. What have been the biggest surprises you have experienced while living in lock down? The surprises may be social or personal, challenging or positive, a different way of socialising with neighbours, family, friends, or acts of kindness you have witnessed or participated in.

2. . What is your own vision for the future? Would you like life to restart exactly as it was before? Or would you like to see a different world?

This is an opportunity for all ages to express themselves and to display creations in your home window. The festival organisers would love to see your displays and request that you share pictures or videos onto the festival’s Facebook page.

Tell your community how you feel and what world you want to build together!

Kendal Unity Festival 2020


Kendal Unity Festival 2020


Kendal Unity Festival 2020


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