Zero Carbon Kendal aims to celebrate Kendal’s positive climate actions and inspire more.

Following the declaration of a Climate Emergency by Kendal Town Council in 2019, the Town Council’s first action was to convene the UK’s first town level Citizens Jury to answer the question ‘What Should Kendal do About Climate Change’.

The Citizens Jury recommended that Kendal becomes a ‘Shining Light’ of Climate action by supporting its residents to reduce carbon and create a better Kendal, where the is air is clean and low carbon choices are easy.

A new website has now been created to provide resources for individuals and businesses who would like to get involved and features maps that pinpoint those who are making a difference locally. So if you’re heading to Kendal to visit our wonderful sights and attractions, head to the Zero Kendal website first and find businesses you can support who are making positive climate actions.

‘It’s brilliant that so many people have come forward to feature on Zero Carbon Kendal to celebrate what they do with the purpose of inspiring more positive action.  We Are Net have created a brilliant site to feature the recommendations of the Climate Change Citizens Jury in action and to document Kendal’s journey towards becoming a ‘shining light’ of positive climate action. If you know anyone who is actively trying to reduce their carbon in Kendal, please get in touch so we can add them to the map and highlight their approach to inspire others to do what they can’ – Helen Moriarty – Project Manager at Kendal Town Council

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