Well, it’s been a busy old time for Elephant Yard over the past few months and they’ve welcomed not one, but two new glorious eating establishments right in the heart of Kendal.

We’ve been lucky enough to be home to wonderful Costa Coffee for many years and it’s been delightful seeing so many of you donning coats and continuing to sit outside during the long winter months. Now summer is around the corner we are excited to get our hands on all the delicious Frappe collections. 

Right across the yard from Costa we now have the wonderful Bob & Berts, this colourful eatery now takes up two of their units and it has brought some real life to the yard. We love seeing families spending Sunday afternoons eating waffles or couples out for a bite to eat early evening. We recommend indulging in breakfast at Bob & Berts, the French toast is out of this world!

Late last year we were also delighted to welcome Kakaw to the yard, a boutique hot chocolate shop, and it has really blown us away. The wonderful owners of this special shop have created a gorgeous cosy space and the hot chocolate options are so vast, there is something to suit every chocolate craving. During the warmer days Kakaw also offer a range of milkshakes if you fancy something different. 

Finally, we couldn’t be without our Macaron shop, House of Macarons, which sits in the heart of the yard and where you are able to pick up the most delectable selection of French Macarons. With a host of flavours and special boxes available, they really do make the perfect gift. 

Of course you have to intersperse your culinary journey with a spot of shopping and we are welcoming the new season in our shops across the yard. Thank you to all the shoppers who have supported our stores this past year we really do appreciate it.

Eat, shop, enjoy, at Elephant Yard.

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